Car Cleaning & Spa


We spend a lot of time(upwards of 75 minutes) everyday in the Car. Germ free, pollution free Car can be pleasurable drive experience. Also car protection treatments keep the car looking new and rust free for years. We practice the science of car cleaning & spa and use the international quality cleaning fluids and foams from Waxoyl. We go beyond removing the dust and giving it water wash. Our Cleaning & Spa expert team specializes in interior treatments, exterior protection & treatments, car underbody & body protection, health & AC package.

When is it required?

  • Interior cleaning once every 6 months
  • Exterior protection and treatment once every year
  • Foul smell in the car cabin
  • Paint peeling or rusting from body panel or underbelly of the car

What all is covered?

  • Car AC Spa
    1. Basic Germ Removal & Disinfectant Spa - Disinfectant & Odour Neutralizer Treatment
    2. Advanced Germ Removal & Disinfectant Spa - AC Disinfectant, Odour Neutralizer, Germ Sanitization & Evaporator Cleaning
  • Car Interior Spa
    1. Premium Foam Interior Cleaning & Treatment. Recommended every six months
  • Car Interior Cleaning & Stain Guard Spa
    1. Upholstery Protection Treatment (Interior Enrichment & Stain Guard Spa). Best Solution for Urban Dirt and Pollution.
  • Car Underbody and Body Protection Spa
    1. Basic Body Protection Spa - Underbody & Wheel Arch Protection, AC Evaporator cleaning, AC Disinfectant
    2. Advanced Body Protection Spa - Underbody , Silencer & Cavity Corrosion Protection. Recommended for Monsoon
  • Car Exterior Paint Protection Spa
    1. Paint Protection Nano Coating Spa - Exterior Treatment & Protection with Glaze Guard Paint Sealant (12 Months Warranty)
    2. Paint & Windshield Protection Nano Coating Spa - Exterior Treatment & Protection including Windshield Nanocoating
    3. Complete Exterior Protection & Restoration Spa - Exterior Treatment & Protection including Windshield Nano Coating, Alloy Wheel & Headlight Restoration