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Car Insurance Renewal


Once you buy a car it becomes crucial to protect your vehicle against risks and uncertainties. The moment your car rolls down the road, it is prone to many unforeseen hazards such as accidents, fire, theft and loss of vehicle, resulting in sudden and huge expenses that may drain out your hard earned money. A good car insurance policy makes sure your car stays safe and secure against any unfortunate event and your expenses are completely covered in the wake of any such incidents.

A good motor Insurance policy means:
  • The damage done to a third party is completely covered.
  • 24/7 help and assistance in case of an accident or a sudden breakdown.
  • Easy, smooth and hassle free claim settlement process.
  • A wide network of cashless garages for easy claims.
  • Instant Online Policy buying and renewal.

When is it required?

  • You should ideally start the process of renewing your car insurance 1 month before the expiry of your current car insurance policy

What all is covered?

  • Third Party Personal Liability with unlimited coverage. The amount awarded by the court as your liability to a third party due to accidental death or injuries caused by your vehicle will be compensated for under the car insurance policy.
  • Third Party Property Damage with a maximum cover of INR 7,50,000, in case of private cars
  • Own Damage Cover protects your car against the loss due to:
    1. Fire, lightning, self-ignition or explosion
    2. Burglary, theft or housebreaking
    3. Strike or riot
    4. Earthquake (shock damage and fire)
    5. Flood, inundation, storm, tempest, typhoon, hurricane, Cyclone and Hailstorm
    6. Accidental external means
    7. Malicious acts
    8. Terrorist activity
    9. During transit by rail, road, inland waterway, air or lift
    10. Landslide and rockslide
    11. Personal Accident Cover with compensation for owner cum driver.
    12. LL to Paid Driver.
    13. PA cover for named & unnamed passengers, including spouse, children, parents, etc
    14. Legal liability towards employees arising out of an accident involving the insured vehicle.