Car Mechanical Repair & Service


The brakes are the most critical part of the car. Responsive brakes provide us the confidence to handle car at all speeds. Poor braking or squeaky brakes can make the driving experience miserable. Brakes repair may include brake disc/pads replacement or calliper replacement or master cylinder replacement etc.We can take a call for repair against replacement of Brake parts only post inspection by our experts.

When is it required?

  • Loud squeaking noise on applying brakes
  • Poor braking
  • Brake fluid leakage
  • Brake pedal in lower position than usual
  • Car vibrates under braking
  • Car pulls to one side on braking
  • Ineffective Handbrake

What all is covered?

  • Brake cleaning
  • Calliper greasing
  • Pad replacement
  • Brake tuning